Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lender closing cost credit program

Lender Credit Bonus Program:

Effective immediately on all conventional loans, including HomePath loans:  We will credit the buyer a “loan size” and/or “credit score” Bonus under our Lender Credit Bonus Program for the following loans:

If your loan amount is:

Between $200,000-300,000: additional Lender credit ½% of loan amount.
Between $300,001-375,000: additional Lender credit ¾% of loan amount
Between $375,001-417,000: additional Lender credit 1% of loan amount

If your credit score is:

720-850:  additional Lender credit ¼ % of loan amount

These LENDER credits are only available through us are in addition to any seller credit you may already be getting from Fannie Mae or another seller.  These credits are not available using any other lender.

These credits can be used to pay your closing costs, buy your interest rate down, purchase your home owners insurance policy or set up your impound/escrow account for taxes and insurance.  Only applicable on fixed rate HomePath or Conventional programs.

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